SmithsSolutions specializes in Information Technology Solutions.  From simple consulting full scale development of a large scale computer systems.  SmithsSolutions is skilled in all aspects of Information Technology Systems.  To include: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Large scale Server deployment and management, Database Development and Management (SQL Server), Software Development, Networking, Wireless systems, Website deployment and management,  E-Commerce Solutions, Automated Systematic reporting systems, and the list can go on... But hopefully, you get the idea. 


SmithsSolutions knows big corporate systems but we also know Personal PC very well. we can help with Hardware, Software, Operating systems or just Virus removal. 

SmithsSolutions also has extensive knowledge in Engineering Solutions, Quality Improvement and Management, Process Improvement using Lean Manufacturing techniques and statistical analysis using Six Sigma Technology tools.  SmithsSolutions has years of experience with high volume data and the techniques to extract meaningful information from it. 

If you are in need of help and require our services please don't hesitate to drop us an Email or phone call.   

Our rates don't reflect our skill level!

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Kirk Smith

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Hartselle, Al 35640

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